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September 10th - October 22nd 2022

This Fall, we are officially offering 100 hours of Yin Teacher Training from September10th - October 22nd  Saturdays 11am - 6pm and Sundays 10am-5pm.

Orientation on Friday September 9th at 6:30pm

Guest instructors will include Sarasvati Hewitt, Jahan Djalali, Rachel Junard, Tami Apland, Sahar Yarjani, Angela Watson-Rockwell, and more!


They will lead sections on gender and language, yoga sutras, DEI, social justice, neurobiology of sleep, anatomy and others.


The cost of this training is $1,950, and payment plans will be available. $300 non-refundable deposit required to reserve your place.

Click the link below to reserve your space in the training - space is limited.

Questions? Direct them to

Meet Your Instructors

Sarasvati Hewitt

Sarasvati Hewitt will be teaching a range of sections that dive into yin yoga assisting with sleep, anxiety/depression, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, as well as neurobiology, neuropsychology, neuroendocrinology.

Sarasvati Headshot-Body.jpg

Jahan Djalali

Jahan Djalali will be teaching The Gender Spectrum: This section will dive deeper into understanding the nuances of gender identity and expression, and how to navigate this within yoga studios, and specifically within your yin class. 

Jahan Headshot.jpg
Rach Junard Headshot.jpg

Rachael Junard

Rachael Junard will be covering Equity in Wellness. This interactive talk allows participants to understand that equity is a crucial foundation in their wellness and studio practices. We’ll talk about harmful practices that you may have engaged in and how to evolve into a more sustainable and inclusive space welcome for all. We’ll touch on topics like Affinity Spaces, Gender Inclusion, Racial Justice, Psychological Safety and more.

Sahar Headshot-body.jpg

Sahar Yarjani

Sahar Yarjani and Mac Sledge will be teaching No Neutrality - How Yoga Teaches Us to Take a Stance
We often see the insistence in Western yoga to remain neutral or apolitical, and to only see it as a movement practice for the body. We’ll explore this claim and what it means to take one’s practice off the mat, and to be in solidarity with one another.

Anika Devore

Anika has been teaching yoga for seven years and practicing for ten. She draws from her over 20 years as a ballet dancer, and current work as a licensed massage therapist to inform her teaching in a both creative and anatomically informed way. The injuries she experienced throughout her dance career ignited a passion for understanding the body. 


Anika will be leading 24hours of anatomy focusing on the musculoskeletal, fascial, and nervous system. Most importantly, students will come away with an understanding of the connectivity between all our systems and how no part of our body ever works in isolation. She teaches in an interactive way so that the information is well integrated.

Anika Devore Headshot.jpg

Angela Watson-Rockwell 

Angela Watson-Rockwell will be covering

Applied Poly Vagal Theory Through the lens of Polyvagal Theory, you will learn all about how the vagus nerve is a bi-directional information highway between mind and body. She will also be covering language surrounding identity intersectionalities & trauma.

Angela Headshot.png
Susanna Barkataki body shot.jpg

Susanna Barkataki

Susanna will teaching a special virtual session on appropriation in yoga!

Special Guest Instructor

Click the link below to reserve your space in the training - space is limited.

Questions? Direct them to

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