Class Descriptions

At SSY we offer both heated and unheated class settings to best serve you. The benefits of yoga include stress reduction, circulatory health, increased vitality and more. The addition of heat is said to help detoxify the body, assist with weight loss, and strengthen the lymphatic system.
We encourage you to explore the advantages of both!

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is a mindful approach to dynamic movements that will induce sweat and build endurance. Expect a creative flow with challenging shapes that will broaden range of motion as well as flexibility. 

High Intensity: Intermediate to Advanced Levels.


Vinyasa offers breath with movement, as well as fixed postures to expand on both the physical and mindful practice. The foundational poses used in this class can be deepened to advance your practice based on your needs that day. 

Moderate Intensity: Intermediate to Advanced Levels.

Gentle Vinyasa

Gentle Vinyasa slows down movement to focus on body awareness giving a new or seasoned practitioner a chance to connect with self. This class prepares the body for mobility, that will relax the muscles and ease the mind. 

Low Intensity: Beginner to Advanced.


Vinyasa (breath with movement flow) + Yin (deep stretch connective tissue release) = YINyasa. This class brings the perfect balance into your practice, beginning with a 45 minute awakening vinyasa flow to open a specific body area or muscle group. Active movement is followed by 30 minutes of YIN to compliment the flow. 

Moderate Intensity: Beginner to Advanced Levels.

Heated Restorative

Restorative yoga helps to release tension in the body and calibrate the nervous system. This grounded and meditational sequence will allow for long holds of fully supported postures by the use of props. Gentle dynamic movements are integrated between postures. 

Low Intensity: Beginner to Advanced Levels. 


Yin yoga can help to improve symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, PTSD, sleep issues, gut health, and so much more. This meditative and relaxing environment will include 3-5 minutes holds of deep stretch postures using gravity to lengthen the connective tissues and fascia. Join us for an in-depth 75 minute session on developing a bio-individual practice that works for your body. 

Low Intensity: Beginner to Advanced.

Specialty Classes

Community Yoga

Community Yoga is a donation based class that welcomes those interested in movement. Expect a blend of static poses and flow, perfect for learning the practice and/or deepening your practice. Class is led by a teacher in the SSY apprenticeship.

Moderate Intensity: Beginner to Advanced Levels.


Service Industry Night YIN offers a soothing environment with 3-5 minute holds of deep stretch postures using gravity to lengthen the connective tissues and fascia. The postures will be focused on resetting the overuse of wrists, ankle joints, leg muscles, lower back, and shoulders. The infusion of physical release and meditative atmosphere will help you keep your sanity after a long shift. 

Low Intensity: Beginner to Advanced Levels.

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