Our Mission

Our community aims to deliver all that you seek within your practice. Class experiences vary from Restorative to Power, all of which are taught from a mindful approach that supports space for all belief systems. We also take pride in offering class times that are accessible to your lifestyle.


Meet the Owner

Rachel Brooks is the owner and an instructor at Seeking Space Yoga in SW Portland. A Portland-native and longtime advocate of accessible yoga, Rachel co-founded Seeking Space in part to open up yoga as an option for workers in Portland’s service and sex industries. It’s Rachel’s belief that yoga can help tremendously with anxiety, detox and trauma and throughout her eighteen years in the service industry, Rachel found yoga to be a positive way she could wind down after shifts. She found herself looking for a place she could practice after her shifts and, seeing no existing options, decided to take a leap of faith and Seeking Space Yoga was born.

Contact Us

Seeking Space Yoga LLC

8525 SW Barbur Blvd, Portland, OR 97219

Email: connect@seekingspaceyoga.com

Tel: 503-244-4188

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