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Equitable Space Scholarship

At Seeking Space Yoga, our mission is to remove the stigma and stereotype that yoga is for a particular demographic or population. We believe representation matters, and to create a space where all feel welcome, we need to invest in expanding our community and our teachers. 

The Equitable Space Scholarship program is a brand new initiative created to open up opportunities for underrepresented communities to access and immerse themselves in the practice of yoga. Recipients of the scholarships will receive a 50% discount toward the cost of yoga training or toward the cost of a 3-month unlimited yoga membership.

With this scholarship, we aim to overcome some of the financial barriers to yoga education and to maintaining a regular practice for BIPOC individuals and sex-industry professionals, two communities who have traditionally been underrepresented within yoga. 

If you are interested in helping to expand the Equitable Space Scholarship program, please email us at, sign up for a monthly supporter membership or donate directly at the link below.


Donated funds will go to covering the remaining 50% of a scholarship recipients' costs and to funding additional scholarship opportunities.


Scholarship Descriptions

Monthly Unlimited Membership Scholarship 

  • Five partial monthly unlimited membership scholarships will be awarded per quarter. 

  • Scholarships cover 50% of the monthly membership cost.

  • Applications for scholarships and the number of scholarships available will be announced quarterly. Once announced, you will have 3 weeks to complete the application. 

  • Scholarship decisions will be made 2 weeks prior to the scholarship start date. If chosen, you will have 72 hours to confirm your enrollment in a monthly membership, otherwise a backup recipient will be chosen.

  • Recipients must attend all training classes unless granted approval beforehand.


Training Scholarship

  • Two partial scholarships will be awarded per training. 

  • Scholarships cover 50% of the training program cost.

  • Applications for training scholarship are due six-weeks prior to the start of each training. Scholarship decisions will be made one month before the training begins.

  • If you are awarded a scholarship, you will have 72 hours to confirm your enrollment into the training program, otherwise a backup recipient will be chosen.

  • Recipients must attend a minimum of two classes per week to remain eligible.

Scholarship Requirements: 

  • Applicants need to have or have started a yoga practice, either home or studio based.

  • For applicants applying for the training scholarship, you should have the goal of teaching in some capacity upon graduation.

  • The scholarship is only open to those who identify as BIPOC or to sex workers.

  • You must complete the application to apply.

Apply for the Equitable Space Scholarship
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