About Seeking Space Yoga

Our community aims to deliver all that you seek within your practice. Class experiences vary from Restorative to Power, all of which are taught from a mindful approach that supports space for all belief systems. We also take pride in offering class times that are accessible to your lifestyle.
Join us on the mat for a teaching style that is rooted in empathy,
for flows that are creative and a brave space for any and all. 

Upcoming Events


Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath

December 7, 2019

Your body heals itself, given the right environment and resources; and because everything is based on frequency, vibration, and resonance, your energetic self knows what to do when you get out of balance.


As you relax into these healing sounds you will find bliss, balance, and energetic harmony.


Please wear comfortable clothes and bring any padding/support you may desire beneath the body as you will be laying down for this Sound Bath.


Kush Flow

December 14, 2019

Join Taira on the mat to discover what the soothing effects of marijuana can do for your vinyasa practice. This class offers an opportunity to quiet the mind for a more profound reflection. When we use plants as tools to access deeper states of consciousness, it becomes possible to reach higher levels of understanding. 30 minute smoke session and 90 minutes of practice which includes an extended savasana.

  • Herb Provided. 21+ ID Required

  • Sponsors: High 5 Tours & Green Goddess

Playing the Geometry.jpg

Playing the Geometry of Your Body

December 15, 2019

Katonah Yoga® is a Hatha practice that was developed by Nevine Michaan over the past 40 years. The three principles of Katonah Yoga are repetition, pattern, and polarity.


In Katonah classes you will see a blend of Taoist theory, geometry, the use of metaphors, incorporation of props, and prompts for how to use your imagination to better connect your mind, body, and breath.


This class will begin with an introduction to the theory of Katonah Yoga. We will then move into an asana practice that will incorporate pranayama, restorative postures, backbends, forward bends, and twists.

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