50 Hour Aerial YTT

April 30th - June 25th 2022

Aerial Yoga is a powerful, playful, and informative Asana addition an eight-limbed Yoga practice. This Spring, Seeking Space Yoga will be offering a 10-week Aerial Yoga Teacher training with Annie Rosen. This training has the potential to inform many aspects and modalities of your teaching and prepare you to guide others safely and compassionately through an Aerial Yoga experience.

Over 10 weeks, through alternating Saturday workshops, Friday night lecture and individual practice on the hammock the following will be explored as students develop the skills to personalize their Aerial teaching approach and safely lead an individual or group through an Aerial yoga practice; mind, body, heart, and spirit. 

Date & Time: Orientation 4/22 6:30pm

Training Sessions start Saturday 4/30 2:30pm - 7:30pm and Friday 5/6 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm and will alternate Fridays and Saturdays through 6/25.


Questions? Direct them to connect@seekingspaceyoga.com

Meet Your Instructor


Annie has been practicing Yoga for over two decades and teaching for the past 12 years. For the past 10 years she has thoughtfully combined her experiences in Yoga instruction and practice with her experience with the Aerial Arts and other movement traditions. The result is a method of instruction on the aerial hammock that is rooted deeply in introspection, the science of mind and body, and respectful adherence to Yoga as more than a physical or aesthetic practice.


In addition to being an experienced Yoga instructor, Annie also holds a BA in Storytelling and World Narrative, has spent many years as an advocate and shelter provider for houseless people and youth in at-risk situations, has been privileged to work with the Indigenous people of Northern California as a youth mentor, has spent a decade as a homecare provider and advocate for Disabled friends, is a trained Clown and a longtime musician and performer, and without a doubt loves you already and will bring every ounce of experience, knowledge, and care to attention if you choose to come hangout and go deep with her in this surprising and playful practice.


A unique aspect of Annie’s teaching is an emphasis on sequencing for stability in both the mind and body and the use of cues for awareness, invitation, and introspection. Linking this language with a student's experience in the sling is something that will be explored throughout this training. This sequencing and language approach can offer teachers new ways to meet students where they are and foster safer, more sustainable Yoga practices with them.

What You'll Learn

The Language of Invitation: Centering student experience in Sensation as Information. This will include elements of Trauma informed Yoga and Triune Brain Theory. Resources and some lecture will be included, but not a comprehensive unit. How the aerial hammock can focus this sort of teaching will be explored as a jumping off place for teachers as they develop classes and understand the experiences of their students.

Activation and Organization vs. Alignment and Letting Go: Students will get experiences in incorporating movement concepts drawn from the Aerial Arts and other skilled-movement practices that are very important to using the hammock safely and encouraging constructive exploration of the Range of Control for diverse students. Much of this will be incorporated into experiential learning and time on the sling. Expect to talk a lot about Fascia and then to talk to everyone you know about it!

Aerial Yoga in context: Throughout this training students will engage in dialog about Aerial Yoga as a part of Yoga as a living tradition. Appropriation, Ableism, Racism and our responsibility as Yoga instructors to engage thoughtfully with respect to our own privilege, whatever that may be, is a part of any Seeking Space training. Guest lecturers and introspective reflection will definitely be an aspect of this training.

Theming classes and teaching Who is in front of you: This training will encourage teachers to leave class planning and pre-planned sequences behind. Through practice and experience teachers will gain confidence in teaching in the moment. Deep listening and observation can free teachers to use language and sequencing that emerges from each individual and group they encounter, making Svadhayaya (self-study) the focus of every Aerial Yoga Practice.

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Questions? Direct them to connect@seekingspaceyoga.com